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Locus, meaning ‘place’ in Latin, is much more than just a wine domaine. It is a veritable itinerant project, whose raison d’être and essence are derived from the incredible diversity of the oceanic terroirs found in the Loire Atlantique region. Locus only produces wines made from the Folle Blanche and Melon de Bourgogne grape varieties, and as an ardent champion of these traditional varietals of the Nantes region, it is dedicated to producing wines that reveal their finest qualities.

Convinced of the region’s quality potential and also very much aware of the positive transformations currently underway in the Nantes wine region, we wanted, through Locus, to play an active part in the revival of Muscadet wines.

In this outstanding patchwork of terroirs and micro-climates, we will be striving, through the Locus range of wines, to showcase the Muscadets from places that we have found to be of particular interest.



There is no doubt that Muscadet can claim to be one of the greatest white wines from the Loire Valley. Whether from the great regions of the Sèvre & Maine, the Coteaux de la Loire, the Côtes de Grandlieu or the “crus communaux” such as Clisson or Gorges, these “Muscadets de lieux” (from selected locations) offer us unique and original qualities according to the terroir from which they hail. In addition to the vine and its environment, the tradition of ageing the wine on its lees, coupled with the use of buried vats, draws out the personality of these Muscadet wines.

Located on the fabulous terroirs of the “Cru Clisson”, Locus seeks to explore the expressions specific to the vineyard’s various different soils and climates. We are convinced that it is these places, with their unique, individual characters, that will allow us to demonstrate the contrast and the incredible diversity of the wines from the Nantes wine region.


Laurent Saget may be passionate about wine, but he is also a great lover of contemporary art. These two passions seemed difficult to bring together until he met Jordane Saget, a well-known street artist in Paris, whose ethereal and poetic chalk-drawn arabesques can be admired in different parts of the French capital.

By luck or by fate, this patronymic partnership has given birth to Locus’ graphic universe, thus giving full meaning to the fundamental notion of place, so dear to Jordane and Locus.


The first page of Locus’ history opened with a collection of three wines. These first lines throw the spotlight on the Folle Blanche and Melon de Bourgogne grape varieties, typical of the region and only found in a very few other wine-growing areas. The Folle Blanche, a vigorous grape variety with a strong character, is revealed through our IGP (PGI) “Folle B.”, a wine with a very maritime style. Thanks to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, it has a fresh, saline profile that transports the wine drinker to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

The IGP (PGI) “Melon B.” wine is an invitation to explore this iconic Muscadet grape variety, whose suppleness and character make it the perfect partner with seafood. Lastly “Convergence”, our complex and well-balanced Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine, is positioned as a meeting of all the different terroirs of the Muscadet region, and proudly takes up the role of Locus’ flagship wine. Finally, Locus offers through its Cru Clisson to explore the typicity and richness of this fabulous terroir of Sèvre et Maine, offering powerful wines with remarkable aging potential.


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